The Best Thing Before the Calculator Watch

[XHDW°§æ´≤ ª™œƒ]£®3£©ª’÷›»ÀµƒÀ„≈ëÈΩ·Remember in school that one kid who had the Casio calculator watch? Remember how you were always so jealous of his struggling to cheat on his math test without the teacher seeing and without going over the allotted time? Remember how he always sat one row too far away from you so you couldn’t look off his paper? What a jerk.

As it turns out cheating on math tests goes back way further than I would have believed. The image above is an abacus ring dating back to the 17th century China. Just think how much more sneaky you could be with a cheating apparatus that could fit on one finger. Even if you did need to employ a magnifying class and a knitting needle to operate the dang thing.

Teacher (in 1600’s Chinese): What have you got there Tommy?
Young Tommy: Nothing.
Teacher: That doesn’t look like nothing to me. It looks like an abacus. Have you been using that to fail all your math quizzes.
Tommy: Of course not. I couldn’t figure out how to use it so now it’s just decoration.
Teacher: Well, just to be sure I’ll steal this and keep in my desk and you can pick it up at the end of the semester.

And the ring was never seen again.  Until now.