The End is Nearing: Micro-Robots are Building Stuff Now

SRImicrorobotsThis is one on many tiny robots bent on taking over the world. Seeing as how they are smaller than the tip of your finger you might be tempted to disbelieve that they are a real threat. But let me remind you of that ant hill you laid in last summer when you were trying to scrape that dead squirrel out of your wheel well. Yeah, lots of tiny things working together can make for a bad day for humans.

These robots are trained to move around following magnets. They can be programmed to work by themselves or in teams. Right now they’re building tiny trusses, but I’m not sure why. I’m guessing it’s scaffolding that they will be using when they start practicing their billion-bot gymnastics routine where they’ll all pile up into the shape of a human. That’s how they always do it. So I’m going to start watching for that.

Here’s the code word. If you ever need to verify that the person you are talking to is a human and not a huge pile of microscopic robots, ask them to say otolaryngology If they can do it without having to pause or stumble over their tongue then you know that they are either a robot or a otolaryngologist. Neither should be trusted.

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