The Force is Strong with Them: Disney Princesses in the Star Wars Universe

jedi_ariel_by_pushfighter-d5sio9sKeeping the trend going, DeviantArtist Ralph Sevelius aka Pushfighter created a set of images of Disney princesses as lightsaber-wielding Jedis and Sith. As frightening as that sounds look at it this way. This set alone doubles the amount of females in the Star Wars universe. That’s good for everybody.

Adding lightsabers and Sith-lords normally makes anything cooler, but Sevelius has thankfully given a few princesses non-Jedi jobs too. I would love to see MORE of these, but sadly, for now, this is all we get. YOU CAN’T RUSH GREAT ART.

How many more of these Disney princess crossovers do you think there could be? You know what, don’t tell me, I want it to be a surprise.

Hit the jump for the rest of the set.

slave_princess_jasmine_by_pushfighter-d61w7y7 sith_snow_white_by_pushfighter-d604pis sith_elsa_by_pushfighter-d6waaff padawan_rapunzel_by_pushfighter-d5vctz6 carbonite_frozen_aurora_by_pushfighter-d6u9u10 bounty_hunter_mulan_by_pushfighter-d64hmu4Thanks to Cody who enjoys all his princesses to wield futuristic weaponry in a story that takes place in the past.