The Most Dangerous Thing You Can Do: Sitting

783673519434121393It looks like today has somehow become a sports and exercise day. Sorry, it won’t happen again. I guess I’m excited because as you read this I am running Ragnar. That is, as long as you read this article right when it publishes. And if not, why don’t you love me?

Anyway… We’ve all heard forever that sit-down jobs are killing us all. Which is probably true being that everyone keeps eventually dying. But why is your desk job so bad for you? It’s because you have a bad chair and the company doesn’t value you enough to get you a new one that doesn’t pinch your elbows or try to dump you on the floor if you lean forward.

I’m sure if yo took the time to study it you’d find that everything you do for an extended period is bad for you. Yeah, I’ll go with everything. I can’t think of any examples of activities that would be good for you if you did it for a long enough time. Let me know if you can.

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largeApparently sitting for long periods makes hair grow from your brain. That’s bad.