The Muppets Go for Ice Cream

Capture_Upload1If any of you weren’t aware, it’s February in Texas too. But in places like Houston it’s already hot enough to stop and get drive through ice cream. No one is immune to the pull of a drive through ice cream parlor. Except for people whose car windows don’t roll down, so I’m safe.

Here’s a video of the Muppets, Rowlf and Rizzo driving around in their new Toyota when they decide to stop for a tasty treat. Of course, the drive through workers were impressed and amused to see the two Muppets in the car. I mean, heck, wouldn’t you be. They’re probably the most famous people you’ll see in any given day when working that kind of job.

I learned a few things from the video that I’d like to note. 1. If your famous, even if you’re just a famous Muppet, you don’t have to may for your ice cream. 2. Once you get your food roll up your windows quick of it will get stolen. Apparently Houston is just as rife with crime now and when I lived there years ago.

Hit the jump for the video.