The Sky is Falling: Russia Gets Another Meteor

meteorRussia is the land of snow and dash cams. Int he same way that India is the land of mystery and Minnesota is the land of many lakes. Because f the plenitude of these dash cams we sometimes get amazing videos of people crashing their cars or meteors lighting up the sky. This is the latter.

You’ll recall how about 14 months ago there was a huge meteor that exploded over Russia. This time it’s less huge but more blue. And that’s fine. This meteor was seen over Murmansk in Western Russia. Check out the full video here.

If videos like this tell me anything it’s that if I get a dash cam I might finally see something worth telling people about. The last thing I saw while driving that was worth telling about was a cop out at 4 in the morning when I was assured no police bothered to be out on the streets. Yes, that town is just that small.