The Web as Anime Characters

facebookI hope you’re all having a good day and you aren’t having too many time off withdrawals this Monday morning. Take some time to check out these sweet social media sites and web browsers as anime characters. Deviant artist Jon Lock created this set to show how much better he is at art than you will ever be.

You should check out the rest of his art, It’s all pretty dang impressive. Before you let your mind run away with you those remember that all these social media girls have between 2 and 3 dozen communicable diseases. Lock seems to have the talent to take any piece of software and make them sexy. I’d like to see what he can do with Windows 8, Drupal, and Internet Explorer. But I’m pretty sure it’s unlawful to portray mentally deficient anime style characters in anything but a friendly, hugs-for-everyone kind of light.

I can draw a pretty good stick-figure ninja, that’s the extent of my art. And I didn’t learn to do that until I was 20. All of my art from when I was in elementary school was the lone house on a hill with the smiling sun. Because of that somehow the school psychologist was convinced I was going to grow up to be a cannibal. Completely wrong, I’m a serial arsonist.

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