May 02 2014

There’s a Thought: 3D Printing Felt Toys

felt bear

3D printing aka additive manufacturing, laying down knowledge, has been around for a while now. So every time I’m less and less surprised to hear that someone is printing in a new material. Plastic is still the most common but metals are getting up there and printers even work in chocolate and straight sugar now.

But this one is new and interesting to me at least. This new printer uses yarn as the feed stock. Because of this it can print things like soft toys or fabrics.

Instead of knitting the yarn like I expected this machine felts it. Basically that means it sticks it with a felting needle a bunch until all the fibers from the yarn get all tangled together and the whole pile becomes one mass. Check it out, I promise it’ll be worth your time.

Hit the jump for the video.

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