They’ll Kick Your Face: Disney Ladies as Street Fighter Characters

p1_Upload2Almost a year ago we saw the first set of 8-bit, Capcom Fighting game style, Disney princesses. Now we have an additional set. And these ladies look just as tough and pixelated as the first group.

Graphic designer Michael Villamejor has been working on these ladies for a while now. Not sure if there is an end goal in sight? If there is I’m praying it’s a button-mashing fighting game like we all used to love. The kind of game where you didn’t mind watching other people play for a while because it was entertaining just to watch.

Nowadays you can’t even sleep through other people playing video games. I remember trying to nap on the couch a while back while my brother was playing what I thought was some sort of sword-fighting game. When I finally woke up enough to care and looked at the TV he was actually playing guitar hero. He just was missing so many notes it sounded like an epic melee.

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