This has Everything: Greyhound in Batman Pajamas in the Snow

greyhound-pajamasIf you’ve ever wondered what would happen if you put a greyhound in Batman pajamas and then took him out in the snow then you need help here’s your answer. This is Mosley the greyhound and he has a pair of batman pajamas and he likes the snow. It must have been a snow day, that’s the only reason to be in the snow in your pajamas and be this excited.

I know this because I’ve peeked ahead and watched the video, you can do that after you hit the jump.  Rarely have you ever seen a dog who enjoyed the snow this much. I’m guessing it’s not -42 degrees where Mosley lives. Because no one likes the snow at that temperature. Snow becomes a mean, deadly beast when it gets that cold.

I used to have a dog that liked the snow this much. In her later years I’d come home and see her laying motionless in the back yard and I thought, “Crap, she’s dead. Why couldn’t she wait until the ground was thawed to die?” But then she would roll over and let the other side get snowed on for a while. And when she was done she would snow-plow here way back to the house and come lay in front of the fire and drip on the rug.

Hit the jump for the video.