This is my 1000th Post

hAF74B9E9Everyone bow down in astonished horror. You read that right, this is my 1000th post on Uncanny Flats. I can’t believe we’ve made it so far.

To make it even better. I did it in under a year. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary of my very first post.

Let’s look back at some of the more impressive articles.

The Nerf Sniper Rifle – Continually in the top 5 most viewed posts for almost 6 months.

Fairy Princess Darth Vader – My most shared post. Over 1500 shares, mostly Facebook and Pintrest.

Bad Taxidermy – My most viewed post. Close to 200,000 views.

I hope you’re all enjoying the content you get. Got any suggestions, let me know.

Thanks for reading and for your support.