Oct 30 2013

This is Not Okay: Doll Head Wearing Monkeys

QshTEMSAs if monkeys aren’t uncanny enough by themselves, some people in Jakarta Indonesia are training monkeys to wear doll heads and clothing while they beg for money from tourists. I guess the idea is that if the moneys look like children then people will be more likely to give them money instead of chunks of mangoes or something.

If it didn’t work I’m sure they would stop but here they are all creepy as hell. Just imagine this. A 15 inch tall doll with hairy, long-fingered monkey hands and feet, and a long hairy tail walks up to you and hold out its hand. Then when you ignore it, it climbs up your leg and over your back to stick its little soul-less eye-holes in your face. Then if you continue to ignore it, it throws feces at you. I can think of nothing more terrifying.

Please people, stop supporting these little demons. I’d like to visit Jakarta some day but there is no way I could possibly do it while these things are roaming around.

Hit the jump for more shots.

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