Jun 04 2014

This Watermelon Bites Back: Beautiful Alligator Carved from Watermelon


gator1Who are these people and why do they get all the talent where it comes to fruit and vegetable carving? I can’t even carve a decent pumpkin without one of those stupid patterns that never turn out how I hope. I think it’s probably a patience thing. I don’t have the patience to wait for a decent artist to fall into the pit I’ve dug in the front yard.

Clive Cooper of Sparks Fly Design carved this magnificent creature out of a watermelon.

I have a feeling it would be incredibly difficult for me to carve a watermelon. The urge to just eat the thing would overwhelm me after the first few slices and we’d never get anywhere. I’d end up lining the seeds up on the sidewalk and pretending that was what I intended in the first place.

Hit the jump for shots of the process.


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