Time to Move: SuperSoaker on a -42°F day

ku-xlargeIf you’re living in a place that hits temperatures of -42°F it’s time to move south because apparently God doesn’t want you to live where you do anymore. I’ve been dealing with temps of about 0°F every morning for weeks now and I know I’m ready to move. Problem is my car doesn’t think so, it will barely start when it’s this cold. I have to cover it with a blanket at night to give me a better chance of getting it running in the morning. Yes I tuck my car in at night, don’t you?

In South Porcupine, with is located in Northern Ontario, Canada it his -41 the other day. And being Canadian, youtuber chrisgsauce decided it was time for a water fight. Thinking ahead he filled his SuperSoaker with hot water and went outside for a test fire. To the disappointment of him and his fellow water-combatants all the water in their rifles immediately turned to steam upon firing so they couldn’t even soak each other, not super.

If it’s this bad in South Porcupine, perhaps you should call your elderly relatives in North Porcupine, there’s a good chance they are in need of rescue. I’d go get them for you and be the hero of the day, but you know, my car won’t start again.

Hit the jump for the video.

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