Time Waster: 3D Mastodon Bones

mastySometimes two seemingly unrelated technologies come together in such a way that you can easily wast a whole day playing with the results. This is one of those times. So before you get too far into this be sure to send the link to your boss to so he can play with it and you can both get nothing done today. It’ll be like a bonding moment.

The University of Michigan , Go X-Men, spent some time to scan all 245 bones of a mastodon and create 3D renderings of then for those of us with a browser that doesn’t die every 3 minutes to play with. Here’s the link to the beast, you should thank me for digging through the 8 pages of crap to find it. Thanks for making this easy guys.

I’ve been playing with this for 10 minutes not and I’ve only made it through two bones. At that rate I should finish all of them in the small hours of tomorrow morning. But maybe I’ll just do one side since everything is pretty symmetrical. hooray for that.