TnA and Hair: New Hair Alphabet

hair1Design Student Shurong Diao there were not enough fonts or images of herself nude on the internet. So she decided to do something about it. So she used her long hair to create a new font.

What do we, the general public, get out of this. Well there’s 26 new images for use in post tagged NSFW. I guess that’s what we get.

In the end I’m pretty impressed with the set. This mess had to take a long time to set up and think of the time that had to go into this project to brush the tangles out when they’re done. If I had to deal with that crap I’d just shave it off then and there. That would make it a lot easier to take the pictures too. And you wouldn’t have to look at me. Everybody wins.

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hair3 hair2 hair4 hair5 hair6 hair7