To get things movin’: Durex unveils Fundawear

Just the kind of stuff you want to show off at work, so gather you buddies and bosses and pay attention. Today Durex Australia posted a video to their YouTube channel of a couple trying their new line of underwear, ‘Fundawear’. As interesting as it might be to watch it really gave me pause to find out how far behind I live, I mean, Durex has a YouTube channel? Where have I been?

Durex Australia have released footage of a couple trialling their experimental ‘Fundawear’, which, in what they bill as a world first, will allow for touch to be transmitted over the internet.

Boldly stating that their new product is the “future of foreplay”, Durex Australia claim that ‘Fundawear’ allows for “touch to be transferred over the internet.”

I know what you’re thinking, how safe is it to start foreplay on your commute home? Less safe than texting I’ll tell you that right now. That’s especially when you ride the bus home. It scared all the other kids and got me kicked off 8 blocks from home when I started to strip.

Looks like this is another one of those toys you don’t get to play with unless you have the iPhone. Well I don’t and I never will. I refuse, I’m not a sheep. Check this out for the article and some more videos of the designer of the clothing and the app to control the clothing.