Tonight I Feast on Canned Dragon Meat

1144_canned_dragon_meat_openHave you ever come home and been asked what you wanted for dinner? If so life it sweet and you need not worry. If that happens all to rarely take the next opportunity to request dragon meat, if you’re all out of justice that is.

Radiant Farms, the same people that brought us canned unicorn meat a while back, has come out with canned dragon meat. For the new low price of $12.99 per can you can share your love for this tasty stuff with your whole family. Perhaps you’ll make it your Christmas dinner. If that’s your plan, please invite me.

Unfortunate the cans of dragon meat contain no actual meat. What they do hold is a stuffed toy dragon head, like the one seen in the image above. Is that kind of disappointing? Yes. Would it still be worth it to buy this and leave it in a grocery bag for your mom to find and try to decide how to shelve? Yes.

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1144_canned_dragon_meat_shelf 1144_canned_dragon_meat_inhand 1144_canned_dragon_meat