Trolling Fast Food: Guy Asks for a Burger that Looks like the Ad

burgerreal-copy-600x325If there is one rule I try to follow when it comes to fast food it is to expect the very least and don’t send it back. You see, when you expect the least out of anything in life you’re never disappointed and sometimes you’re pleasantly surprised. And there is no faster way to guarantee that you’ll end up with some bodily fluid on your burger than to send it back and ask the minimum wage staff to try it again.

The guy at Mediocre Films however decided it was time that his burger looked like it was depicted in the ad. So he went around to various fast food establishments and placed his orders. When then showed up at the counter looking nothing like the ad he asked the chefs to try again this time stipulating that he wanted it pretty.

Over all they did an admirable job. They would never be able to math the ad in the 7 minute service limit that they have as the burgers you see on TV take a long time to prepare and are mostly inedible when they’re ready. You know those showbiz types. I’m usually just happy is the meat is between the buns. Yes, I’ve found it on the outside before. It is good to see a company held to the standards they promise every now and again.

Hit the jump for the video.


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