Jul 31 2013

UK Explodes on GQ Over One Direction Covers

britgq-coversMonday QC released their latest set of covers. This time they featured members of One Direction. Apparently that’s not okay in the UK because soon after the 1D fans went bat-sh*t crazy and GQ started receiving death threats on twitter. Most of which aren’t safe for work, or home, or small children, or pregnant women, or even the roughest of foul-mouthed sailors. But I’ll include some after the jump anyway.

The tweets prove how scary brainwashed fanatics can be. Perhaps I should rethink by stance on calling out iSheep for their constant stupidity. Not gonna happen. Luckily we know that nothing will come of the threats. The English are like the Canadians of Europe. They will start apologizing shortly.

Hit the jump for some fanatic reactions.

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