Uncanny: 240 Year Old Automaton Boy

boy-1We all know that the worlds most uncanny objects all have eyes that move and watch you when there is no life behind those eyes. Robots with faces, those creepy-ass porcelain dolls, singing rubber fish, and old automatons like this little boy who was build in Switzerland about 240 years ago.

The little automaton boy has a couple of really cool features. He writes, in fact, he can write basically whatever you want him to because is is one of the first examples of a “programmable” device.  He’s build of more that 6000 parts, for reference, that’s more parts that you have. Citation needed.

Not only that, but all the parts fit inside the creepy little guy. That means he’s more portable. He’s like an ancient laptop with a built in printer. We haven’t even gotten to that point again with out modern technology. Those Swiss watchmakers are magic.

Hit the jump for a video.


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