Uncanny: Panoramic Picture Fails

BwnwpvaSometimes it’s fun to look at groups of photos with the same theme. Like dogs wearing hats, bad taxidermy, Egyptian vacation photos, and now people sucking at panoramic pictures.

For anyone who just time traveled here from the 11th century, a panoramic picture is a photograph that is larger than a camera can take by itself. So it must be taken in parts and pieces together by magic. Also, take me back with you. The problem is with today’s modern cameras and the ease of using the panoramic picture option we have stupid people taking panoramic pictures of things that don’t need to be pictured panoramic-ally.

The rule of thumb that I find works best with panoramic pictures is this: Don’t take panoramic pictures. If you can’t fit the whole subject in one photo you either need to step back or realize that God doesn’t want you taking a picture of that. Also, don’t take pictures of people.

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