Uncanny Seahorse will Haunt your Dreams

seahorse0Here’s a piece of, I guess you could call it art, that I find very unsettling. If you can’t tell it’s a paper mache seahorse. To me it looks more like all my spider-swarm nightmares fell into a swimming pool with a bunch of old newspapers and a bottle of Elmer’s Glue. Somehow those things found a way to coexist and thrive creating the steed that Zombie-Aquaman rides into battle.

The sculpture was created by artist Hazel Bryce who apparently does not had the same fear set as I do. Or else how could she pull this off? I must say the job is well done though. Check out the closeups after the jump but you’ll agree, that’s the smoothest paper mache ever.

You know you’re dealing with something evil when it involves this many old newspapers. Why else is it so creepy to go down into your grandparents basement. And why do you always see stories about the old newspapers they found in the walls of that haunted house around the block when it was finally torn down?

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

seahorse1 seahorse2 seahorse3 seahorse4 seahorse5 seahorse6 seahorse7 seahorse8 seahorse9 seahorse10 seahorse11 seahorse12

Thanks to Hazel Bryce who has never met a paper shredder she can’t jam.