Uncomfortable: No Pants Subway Ride

No_Pants_day_29_Lo_2789191k1A flash mob in New York in 2002 has turned into a tradition spanning the globe. Every year people strip down to ride the subway. As far as I can tell they’re not demonstrating anything, except maybe the global hatred of pants. Or possibly some sort of group affinity to having public transportation filth touch your bare skin.

This year the mob bit New york, London, Kiev, and Mexico City. And I’m sure it happened elsewhere as well but that could have just been a group of escaped college students. Reports are unclear.

Why they are doing this in January is anyone’s guess. Probably just a good thing that the polar vortex has finally let up here in the US so these people didn’t have to come home with frostbite.

In past years mob members have been arrested for various reasons but the charges have never really stuck. This year it sounds like the day went smoothly and everyone got to their destinations safe and relatively disease free.

Hit the jump for a bunch of photos.

Np_Pants_Day_3_Arg_2789119k19 No-Pants-Day_26_Sp_2789183k21 No_Pants_day_28_Uk_2789189k14 No_Pants_Day_27_uk_2789184k15 No_Pants_Day_25_Me_2789180k23 No_Pants_Day_18__N_2789152k7 No_Pants_Day_19_NY_2789151k6 No_Pants_Day_20_ME_2789166k22 No_Pants_day_21_Me_2789169k24 No_Pants_day_22_Me_2789170k25 No_Pants_day_23_ME_2789171k24 No_Pants_Day_17_NY_2789153k8 No_Pants_Day_16_NY_2789154k9 No_Pants_Day_15_NY_2789155k9 No_Pants_Day_14_NY_2789156k0 No_Pants_Day_13_NY_2789159k10 No_Pants_Day_12_Ch_2789158k11 No_Pants_day_9_Ber_2789143k16 No_Pants_Day_8_Was_2789140k12 NO_PANTS_DAY_7_Ber_2789139k17 18 No_Pants_day__24_A_2789177k13 No_Pants_Day_2__Ar_2789117k20 No_Pants_Day_1_NYC_2789116k3 No_Pants_Day_4_NYC_2789124k4 NO_PANTS_DAY_5_NYC_2789128k5 NO_PANTS_DAY_6_LON_2789134k2