The Ultimate Upgrade


Behold, at last is an automobile fit for the geek. This Honda Civic comes equipped with the most amazing engine cover you can imagine. That’s right my friends, an old-school NES controller, complete with the Konami Code as well. That means that if you are in traffic, your car will turn into a tank bulldozer to get you quickly through the hold up. Also, if needed, your car will do a cartwheel 780 double-backwards flip to get around the pesky police when they come to stop you from “destruction of public and private property and disturbing the peace”. Whatever.

I sure wish this engine didn’t belong to a Honda Civic though. It would be much better if it was on a newer cooler car, or an F16 fighter, or an aircraft carrier. Wow, I’m gonna go glue a controller to the crumpled hood of my clunker and call it good.