Use All the Patience: Amazing Imperial Star Destroyer Model

star-destroyer-model-7I like to think of myself as a patient person. The problem is that’s not really true. I can be patient with other people but I have no patience with myself and my slow-assed-broken-computer stuff. For this reason I’ve come to an internal agreement that I do not try to build models. Or if I do I only do it about an hour at a time over the course of months. That’s why my ship in a bottle is still mostly bottle.

People that do have the patience and dexterity to build models amaze me. How do you do it? Why do you do it? Are you in it for the fame, or just the fumes from the glue?

Someone calling themselves Darth Maul is building a 1:2256 scale model of an Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars movies, books, and model making clubs. It’s probably the second most amazing thing you’ll see today. Send me the most amazing thing you see so I can make it the second most amazing thing you see tomorrow. That’s the goal you see, to be the most amazing sight that’s just a few hours late.

Hit the jump for a bunch more shots.

Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-1 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-2 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-3 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-4 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-5 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-6 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-7 Star-Destroyer-Model-Build-8 star-destroyer-model-9 star-destroyer-model-8 star-destroyer-model-6 star-destroyer-model-5 star-destroyer-model-4 star-destroyer-model-3 star-destroyer-model-2