Usefulness Questionable: Imagining a Bad User Experience

the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-5When you think of getting a bad user experience do you ever think of anything more that software. I’m gonna guess no because it seems like it’s only software that is becoming less and less useable over time. It absolutely amaze me that companies can put out crappy software and still stay in business. But they do, they just keep investing mountains of money in crap that no one and their grandmother can use and we just sit here and take it.

But I digress, because that’s not what’s going on here.

The Uncomfortable“, a funny and twisted project of the designer and architect Katerina Kamprani, who has fun imagining the worst possible user experience with useless objects…

Katerina took a bunch of pretty common household objects and made then as un-usable as possible. I was surprised to see how little it took in some situations.

Hit the jump for the set.

the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-1 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-2 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-3 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-6 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-7 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-8 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-9 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-11 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-10 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-12 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-13 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-14 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-15 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-16 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-17 the-uncomfortable-katerina-kamprani-18A lot of these chairs I could actually see people purchasing. Dumb people who buy furniture for how it looks instead of how easily you can lounge in it for days.