Volkswagen’s Anti Texting-While-Driving PSA Trolls Moviegoers

volkswagenadWe all know that texting while driving is dangerous but a lot of us do it anyway. We do it because 99.9% of the time we’re going to get away with it with no problems. But what about that other time? That’s when you get dead.

The car company ran an interactive PSA called “Eyes on the Road” at a movie theater in Hong Kong recently. The ad begins with a first-person perspective of driving a car on an empty road. The theater then uses a location-based broadcaster to send texts to the moviegoers, while the driving footage continues to play.

While audience members are busy checking their phones, the vehicle on-screen crashes, jolting the crowd into realizing their texting and driving mistake.

I find the PSA admirable. It’s good to make people as safe as possible. However there is a problem with this picture. WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE PEOPLE DOING ANSWERING TEXTS IN A THEATER? For that matter, who does the theater/Volkswagen think they are sending texts during a movie? That is encouraging horrible habits. I don’t care if it is just a PSA or a preview. As soon as you step into the theater your phone should be off. Not on vibrate, off. So what if your house burns down while you’re in there and your neighbors are trying to call you instead of calling the fire department like normal people, it’s going to be just as destroyed as if you would have taken the call, and I wouldn’t think you’re a jerk.

Phew, deep breath.

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