Want: Car that Inspired Bond to Drive and Aston Martin Up for Sale

Aston-MartinName the five coolest makes of cars you can. Did you include Aston Martin? If not you can just get out right now because you’re views on life are skewed. Did you seriously include Morgan? I’ll admit they look nice but seriously, they’re made of wood.

The Aston Martin DB 2/4, which is believed to have prompted Ian Fleming’s choice of motor for his famous spy in Goldfinger, is expected to fetch up to £250,000 when it goes under the hammer in July.

Like Bond’s famous DB III, the car features a number of special modifications, including reinforced steel bumpers, a heavy-duty anti-interference ignition system, driver’s seat connections for two-way radio and a homing device, and a gadget which accurately computes time and distance in relation to a pre-selected average speed.

Yeah you read that correctly, this baby comes with an odometer and a headphone jack. Now you’re riding in style. I’ll tell you what would be way awesome for a car to come with, a cruise control that you can set to more than one speed. Some cars have multiple trip odometers why not multiple cruise controls. If I could set Cruise-1 to 60 and Cruise-2 to 45 I’d never have to touch the gas for my whole drive to work. Get on that automakers. Send royalties to me here.