Want: Chocolate Chip Cookie Shot Glass

cookiePut your pants back on and look at this. These are chocolate chip cookie shot glasses created by genius Dominique Ansel. This is probably the most appropriate use of crazy baking skills the Internet has ever seen. Also watch for the upcoming pictures of people’s horribly failed attempts to recreate these beauties. Nailed it.

Ansel is introducing the cookie shots at SXSW this weekend. We’re not sure if this is a one time thing (we hope not, we hope not, we hope not) because Ansel only told Eater, “We’ll see” about these delicious shots coming to his NYC bakery. The inspiration for the dessert came form when Ansel ate an Oreo with milk for the first time (which apparently isn’t a thing in French culture).

I’ve never really agreed with the “Milk’s favorite cookie” slogan that Oreo runs. I’ve always enjoyed a chocolate chip cookie with milk much better. The only reason Oreos like milk is because they aren’t made with milk in them already.