May 13 2014

Want: Functioning Titan Sword

titan sword

Once in a while you come across an idea that eats at you until you are finally able to carry it to fruition. I built a tiny cabinet out of yard sticks last weekend for example. The results were bad enough that I’ll either have to try the whole mess again or just give up. Why must I fail at every attempt at woodworking? My failures aside, this idea is of a sword that one YouTuber just had to build.

In the anime series Attack on Titan, the remnants of mankind live behind massive walls that are designed to keep titans (giant, zombie-like creatures) at bay. Human soldiers are tasked with killing these monsters, but because these giants range from 3-60 meters tall and regenerate health, they’re rather tough to defeat. Their only weakness is the back of their neck, and soldiers use swords with blades that can detach (because the blades have a tendency to get trapped in titan flesh) to attack that area.

The idea is pretty interesting. Granted I’ve never seen the show so I can’t say exactly how well he pulled it off but the results are very passable to say the least.

Hit the jump for the long-ass video.

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