Aug 14 2013

Want: HypnoSquare, to Calm your Desk

201636-z1I don’t know why, but after reading about the HypnoSquare I got a strong urge to write about it. I also feel the need to send Sharper Image $130 and to watch everything James Woods has ever appeared in. It’s kind of weird.

HypnoSquare is the electronic light display that mesmerizes onlookers with a never-ending cycle of colors and patterns. Just turn it on in any room, office or cubicle and watch as 64 color-changing LEDs create a tranquil and hypnotic spectacle. You can use the playback controls to change the visualizations and vary the speeds, or simply let it run on its own for a continuous, calming effect.

Doing some quick math I’ve found that 64 color changing LEDs means that this little box can produce about eleventy billion different color patterns. That’s enough to keep you interested for your whole James Woods marathon. I don’t know that I can afford #130 to have this take up valuable real estate in my cubicle. Why don’t you give it a try for me? After you watch for a while let me know if you feel the urge to send me 5 dollars.

Hit the jump for more shots.

201636-z7 201636-z6 201636-z4 201636-z5 201636-z3 201636-z2

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