Want: Juggernaut Bike can Ride on Sand

bikeSo now that winter is coming to a close it is becoming time for us to stop trying to ride our bicycles with no hands on snow and start trying to ride with no hands on sand and mud. Luckily this new bike helps with both problems this activity presents, lack of stability and the tendency to sink.

As far as bikes and trikes go, the Juggernaut sends a message that people should get well out of your way when you come riding through, lest they be crushed under your massive tires. But the design has other benefits too, like making it easier to ride on soft surfaces since the tires are less likely to sink and get stuck, and the dual front wheel design provides added stability for keeping balanced.

I’m not sure I can afford the $2500 price tag just so I can look this much cooler for the ladies when I spend my afternoons riding down the beach. Instead I’ll just keep playing the gravity card and pull them in with my sheer mass. And my sense of humor, which has been described as dark, dry, and frightening.