Mar 31 2014

Want: Liquid Glass Thinking Putty

liquidglassWhat color is your egg of silly putty? Mine’s black and covered in dog hair. It’s had a long full life of lifting Garfield Cartoons and obituary photos and being bounced off the dog. What is you wanted something a little bit cleaner? Something that you could play with at work while you’re one that horrible weekly conference call with the people who were inexplicably hired to do a job you are more qualified for and get more money than you.

Here’s the answer to your prayers. Liquid Glass Thinking Putty. A tub will run you about $15 but you can play it off as either a business or mental health expense. And it lasts forever, so there’s that.

More investigation reveals that the putty gets cloudy as it’s kneaded but if you let it site for a half hour or so the bubbles will dissipate out of it and it’ll return to clear. Unless it is dirty. As per the FAQs on the site:

Question: Does it get dirty easily?
Answer: Because it’s transparent, dirt will show a bit more. To avoid this is simple, though. Don’t play with filthy hands on filthy surfaces.

Hit the jump for a video.


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