Want: Never Ending Slinky

Slinky1Every true geek wants just a few simply things in life, a decent bookshelf, a nice computer, and a perpetual motion machine to power the world and impress their friends. This doesn’t qualify as any of those but it is closets to the last so I’m going to tentatively put it in that category.  We can break it up into categories right?

Creative Labs has created a Kickstarter project called “Project NESM | Never Ending Slinky Machine” and it’s just like it sounds. Machine that runs a slinky down a hill endlessly. Kind of like those videos you’ve seen of a slinky going down a treadmill or a stair climber machine. I once tried to get a slinky to ride a NordicTrack It was a pretty disappointing experiment overall.

For about $65 plus some more for shipping you can pick one up for early delivery and you’ll get it in the fall or you can try to build your own and you’ll get it never because you’ll give up after thinking about it for a week and gathering one-third of the needed materials.

I wonder how loud this is? Think my coworkers would be bothered by the repetitive slink, slink, slink 10 hours a day?

Hit the jump for more shots at a video.

Slinky2 slinky3