Apr 11 2014

Want: Personal Jet Engines for Extreme Sports

DreamScience-Electric-ThrustersThe future is here, or maybe it’s still coming, I’m not really clear on that. Dreamscience is currently working on the development of personal jet engines for use in extreme sports. We’re going to have to find a new term for them now. I suggest we break them into two classes. Unassisted Extreme Sports and Assisted Extreme Sports. Watch for them in the X-Games.

The contraption breaks down to four electric jet engines that you harness to yourself. They are powered by a battery pack that you wear like a backpack.

The newest version coming down the pike boasting 132 pounds of burst thrust or a top sustainable force of 88 pounds of thrust for 15 minutes. Of course, you don’t have to fire your engines at full-throttle all the time, and the Thrusters can even be used to help you maneuver or slow down at the end of a run.

How about the Assisted Extreme Sport of helping me off the couch? Or what about the lifeless drag across the beach? Or how do you think it would turn out if I tied these to the handlebars on my bicycle? That would be cool right?

The possibilities are endless.

Hit the jump for a video.

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