Want: QuadSki XL

quadski-xlThis is probably the closest thing to a true ‘All Terrain’ vehicle you are likely to ever see. I say see because you’ll never actually own one. I’m not finding a price tag anywhere which is never a good sign.

The original Quadski was awesome, as it successfully combined a four-wheeler and a jetski, creating a sort of ultimate solo beach/lake/camping mobile, but it had one glaring problem: namely, it only supported a single rider. Enter the Quadski XL. Boasting a larger body and a 1300cc BMW engine, the XL is ready to let up to two people hit the trails and the water at speeds of up to 45 mph on either surface,

Maybe when UncannyFlats becomes the premier geek site of its kind and the money and sponsorships start rolling in I’ll go out and buy one. If that day ever comes you can come over and ride it. You have to provide your own lady to sit on the back though. I can’t do everything for you.