Want: Tiny Scanner Tells you What Things are Made of

scio-scannerHow handy would it be if you could scan an avocado with your key fob and be told whether it’s ripe or not? Or what if you could beep that mystery container in the back of the fridge to find out what the hell it used to be. Or, more importantly if the container is too compromised to keep or if you can survive washing it.

That’s what the makers of SCiO are working on. It’s currently a Kickstarter project but they’ve already reached their goal almost 7 times over. How it works is you shoot the item you want to identify with the SCiO and it reads the infrared signature of the item. It then sends that info to your smart phone, which connects to SCiO’s server to identify the thing you scanned. The whole process should only take a few seconds. Unless you have a phone like mine in which case by the time you find out the thing you scanned is slowly filling the room with poison gas, you’re dead on the floor.

For a meager $199 you can back the project and get your own SCiO scanner. Then you’ll never again have to Google “how to tell if a pineapple is ripe.” Which, for your knowledge, is as soon as it’s removed from the plant, they don’t ripen any more after they’re picked. You just learned something.

Hit the jump for a video.