Want: Tiny Segway Thing


Ever since I first heard about the Segway back in 2001 I’ve wanted one. The problem in getting one has been that they cost more than all the cars I’ve ever own combined. I just can’t justify the purchase. So for now, no Geek Chariot for me.

Created by the company of the same name (Inmotion), the Inmotion SCV is very much a mini Segway. The sporty and aggressive two-wheeled vehicle has tinier vacuum wheels, an extendable handle rod, some sweet LED tail lights, and only weighs 35 pounds. It can carry a person with a weight of up to 264 pounds and zip along at a maximum speed of nine miles per hour, which is pretty good for something so compact.

The best part is the price tag, $2,499. Plus it looks like it’s likely to transform into a robot and help you fight off a Decepticon toaster. Admittedly this still costs more than three out of the four cars I’ve purchased but it’s about half as much as a real Segway. So that means I’ll be running out to purchase one of these still never as soon as they go on sale for 90% off.

Hit the jump for more shots and a video.

innmotion-mcv-3 innmotion-mcv-6 innmotion-mcv-5 innmotion-mcv-4