Warranty Void: Game Console Repair Kit

180d_ultimate_gaming_console_repair_kitI miss the days where all it took to fix a game was to blow on it. It’s becoming increasingly rare to use the skills you learned while your parents tried to hold you away from the candles on your brother’s birthday cake.

This Ultimate Gaming Console Repair Kit would arrive in a convenient carrying case that ensures you have everything you need to open up an Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 wherever you go, so that you need not segregate the tools required for individual consoles into their own boxes. Not only does this kit help you open up those consoles in a jiffy, it also has adequate equipment for you to evict families of dust bunnies from within. The Game Console & Electronics Refurbishing Kit will play nice with the following consoles: Xbox One (also Xbox 360), PlayStation 4 (also PS Vita, PS3, PSP, PS2, and the original PlayStation), Wii U (also Wii), Nintendo 3DS (also DSi, DS Lite, and the Nintendo DS), Sega Dreamcast, and Game Boy Advance SP (also Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Cartridges).

At just $99 this one is a steal. I guess. I’ve always just made due with a pocket knife and a hammer. Of course I’ve always been pretty okay with putting the cartridge back together with duct tape and superglue. So if you want it to go back together pretty, get this kit. Just remember when you crack open the case, the store won’t take it back.


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