Well Done: Guy Replaces Britney Spears in Music Video

guyOkay, so I’ll admit I’m not up with the current music as much as I may lead all my young friends to believe. It’s just that so much of it is crap. Why can’t a singer get all the way through a song without letting some rapper crap on part of it? Is it so difficult? Artists have been doing it for thousands of years why has it become such a problem lately?

Along with not following new music well I don’t see a lot of music videos. Britney Spears’ B**ch for example, I’ve never seen. What I have seen now though is the Gal Volinez version in which he pasted himself over Britney.

Like I said, I’ve never seen the original and I don’t intend to now because there is no way it could ever be better than this.

Hit the jump for the video.