May 09 2014

Well Handled: Jordanian TV Guests Destroy the Set in and On-Air Fight


Every person on the planet knows that violence is a viable and excellent solution to 100 percent of the problems they face in life. Unfortunately for us and our algae-filled gene pool not enough people turn to violence to solve their problems. So we grow weaker and weaker every generation. Don’t think that’s true, ask your grandparents. They’ll tell you I’m right.

A fight erupted on the Jordanian television network, 7 Stars, between journalists Shaker Al-Johari and Mohammed Al-Jayousi over their differing opinions regarding the Syrian crisis, resulting in a wrecked set.

Old guys fighting. That makes for good television. I wonder how many hours of political debates you have to watch before you got to see this though? Way to many I’m sure. It’s like watching NASCAR, you watch for days and days and never get a decent crash. That’s why you just watch those sports bloopers shows so they pack them all together.

Hit the jump for the video.

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