Dec 12 2013

What are You People Thinking? Parents Naming Their Babies ‘Cheese’


Prepare yourself for the next statement. Think of your loved ones and the happier times in life. Know that not all people in the world are dumbtards, but accept that there are a couple of them out there. has released the baby naming trends for 2013. The results reveal that out of the 500,000 parents surveyed, 9 named their kid Cheese.

Now, cower in fear at the fact that these people are breeding. And it’s only getting worse. Look at the graph after the jump and you’ll see that the name Cheese has increased in popularity by 450% this year. May God have mercy on us all. I’m hoping these names are just serving as a place holder until the child in old enough to choose their own name.

I like cheese as much as the guy in the next stall, but if you’re naming your kid Cheese the child should become a ward of the state, the parents should be sterilized and banished to an island, somewhere cold.

On the lighter side, I came across some funny videos that I thought would fit well with this story, so watch those.

Hit the jump for the graph and videos.


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