What Is The World Coming To: New Words Added To Dictionary

Twerking1Seen above displaying one of the new words recently added to the Oxford Dictionaries Online, Miley Cyrus is “twerking” at the VMAs that happened a couple days ago. I’m not sure why my browser is telling me I have twerking spelled wrong. IT’S A WORD NOW PEOPLE!

Other new words from the social media and tech fields to be added this year are: Bitcoinm, BYOD, digital detox, emoji, FOMO, geek chic, hackerspace, phablet, srsly, and TL;DR. Out of these I see three words that I agree probably should have been added. The rest either already exist int he the dictionary, or are Acronyms which shouldn’t be considered real words. If a dictionary editor (what a job) wants to include them in his dictionary they should have an asterisk.

Here’s what Oxford had to say for themselves:

We’ve just added some srsly buzzworthy words to our online dictionary – squee! With influences ranging from technology to fashion, there is something for everyone in the update.