Where Has This Been All My Life: Build LEGO Online

CaptureSo, I don’t know how long this has been around but I just found it and you didn’t know about it either or else you would have told me.  But now that I have found it everything will be okay.

Google Chrome and LEGO collaborated to make this sweet website where you can build stuff out of LEGOs online. You don’t have access to all the crazy pieces, but you can use any color under the rainbow. I actually like not having all the specialized pieces. I don’t feel like I’m obligated to build the house on the box, I can actually be creative and do what I want for a change. God knows that doesn’t happen very often.

There are a couple of different sections to the site, you can just freely build. You can go to school and learn to build, and you can see what other people are building. It looks like they’re building buildings. Now, stop wasting time and go check it out. But be back here in an hour.

Thanks to Jeff who’s had his creativity stifled for so long all he could think to build was a forest of porta-potties.