Who Knew: FootGolf is a Thing

FootGolf2What happens when you get a group of people together who aren’t patient enough to play golf and don’t have the conditioning to play soccer, but who also have a great love for golf sock and soccer cleats? You get FootGolf, which apparently is a thing now.

Not only is this new sport a real thing it’s all legitimate and junk. They’ve got a ruling body, a set of rules, official tournaments and they are currently represented in 22 countries. To make it even better to be a member country you have to sponsor at least 3 events per year at least two separate FootGolf courses. In the US alone there are 76 courses in 26 states. Sounds like they must have popped up like those Frisbee Golf courses that I’m always seeing but have never once made use of.

The last step to really legitimize a sport is to get it into the Olympics and that’s what the FootGolf leadership is working on now. Seeing as how this is a Summer Olympics sport and only the Winter Olympics ever adds new events I won’t hold my breath on this one. What I will do though, is go pro.