Apr 29 2014

Who Thought this Up? Burst Fire Toothbrush

guntoothbrushLet me run and idea past you. Hear me out and tell me what you think. I want to tape my toothbrush to the slide on my handgun and hold the trigger down and let the gun brush my teeth for me.

It’s not that my electric toothbrush doesn’t move fast enough for me. It goes so fast I can’t even see it. It’s just that it doesn’t have the long powerful strokes I look for in a teeth brushing experience.

And just think how manly this will look. This is so manly I’ll probably start growing hair on my gums as soon as they heal.

Picture how prepared I’ll be for the zombie apocalypse. I’ll have two of the most important survival tools in one. That’s the key, combine tools and conserve weight. That’s what I’m doing with my soup spoon / latrine shovel too.

Hit the jump for a video of these thoughts in action.

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