Who You Gonna Call: Ghost Captured on Video in one of Britain’s Oldest Pubs

ghost-Scythe-_2826086cWhat channel are those stupid ghost hunters shows on these days? Seems like I’ve seen them on History and Discovery and SyFY recently are they still on any of those. I guess it doesn’t matter because you can see it here and you don’t have to deal with the BS that is that kind of show.

On Valentine’s day, a day that you didn’t associate with ghost appearances until now, the Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Britain caught something on their CCTV camera during the night. I’ll admit it doesn’t appear to be a drunk, or a soccer hooligan, or a moth, although it could be a spider, but I’m not paid to be an expert on these things so I can’t really say.

The pub has been around since 1251 so there’s about 800 years of ghosts that could be haunting that place. I wouldn’t doubt they caught something. The real question is what did it order and when the service was non-existent what did it steal?

Hit the jump for the video.