Why is my State So: Blank

19dqziysnld5gpngWe can always count on Google Autocomplete to be openly (enter philosophical “ism”), as well as judgmental and hilarious. This time around LandOfMaps quizzed Google on each of the 50 United States to see what people were searching at the time.

Most of these aren’t surprising: Arizona=Hot, Georgia=Backwards, Texas=Big, California/New York/Alaska/Hawaii/New Hampshire=Expensive. Some you can tell were being effected by the cold snap going on at the time.

I like things like this because they give us insight into what people are thinking at the time. I’m surprised none of these came out as Why is [State] so… full of bad drivers. Or Why is [State] so… stupid. Well, some are close. Someone even made one for Canada.

Hit the jump for Canada.

19dr46ii3gzekjpgSurprise, surprise, it’s cold in Canada.