Will You be Attending? Loo of the Year Awards

loo-cribbar-urinal_2756507kIt’s that time of year again. The Loo of the Year Awards are coming. For those of us in America you probably call it a bathroom. Unless you are talking to your devil of an 8th grade English teacher who tells you it’s not a bathroom because “you can’t bathe there.” Nope, can’t call it a restroom either, “you shouldn’t be resting.” Nope, can’t just say you have to use the toilet, “that’s not polite.” Finally you just stand up and walk out and proclaim that you’re going to deal with your own shit instead of hers.

The 26th annual Loo of the Year Awards – dubbed the Toilet Oscars – is to take place in Solihull, recognising and rewarding the very best washrooms in the UK. Since its inception in 1987 and promoted by the British Toilet Association, the competition aims to promote the highest standards in public lavatories. This year’s contest features 60 different categories, including an award for the best eco-friendly loo, school toilet and shopping centre washroom. It’s not all about the lavatories though – the awards will also honour the UK’s toilet attendant of the year.

Who knew this had been going on for 26 years? Probably a plumber or interior designer somewhere I’m sure. That’s like, my whole life, and never once have I entered a bathroom that I though deserved an award. And rarely have I ever entered a public restroom that I though wouldn’t give me a disease.

Hit the jump for glamor shots of the nominees.

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